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Villa in Sicily with Etna views

Journey of the Senses

Art, Wine & Yoga in Sicily

 Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime journey of the senses! We invite you to join an intimate community of women for an immersion in art, wine, meditation & yoga. Led by a master sommelier, art historian, and wellness coach, we'll rejuvenate ourselves in a luxurious villa at the base of Mount Etna. Explore the dramatic volcanic landscape, admire the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, and bask in the Sicilian sun. Climb to new heights and meditate at the crater of a volcano, igniting the fire within. Relish local flavors and delicious wines at artisanal Etna vineyards and sommelier-paired feasts. Connect with an intimate community of like-minded culture and yoga loving women and make lifelong friends. Use yoga and meditation to deepen your experience of your senses for a profound encounter with art & wine.

More than a retreat, this is a transformative journey -
a riot of color, flavor, scent and movement!

Maddy Jimerson, Master Sommelier & Italian Wine Expert

Taormina view of Etna

Rejuvenate in the Sicilian sun, hike up & meditate at the summit of magnificent Mt. Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe and a World Heritage site.

Syracuse, Sicily

Admire the beauty of Sicily’s majestic Baroque cities, ancient historical sites, stunning vineyards, and epic landscapes.

Lauren Jimerson

Expand your knowledge of art, wine, yoga and meditation directly from three experts: an Art Historian, Master Sommelier, and a Wellness Coach.

Villa in Sicily with Etna views

Relax & unwind in a Luxurious Villa & Spa with stunning views of Mount Etna. Deepen your yoga & meditation practice at the volcano's base.

Sicilian grapes

Journey of the Senses

Mount Etna, Sicily
April 29-May 6 2023
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In the spring of 2023, we will come together as an intimate community of women to rejuvenate ourselves in the dazzling volcanic, Mediterranean landscape of eastern Sicily. We'll stay at a luxurious villa at the base of Mount Etna where we will practice yoga and meditation daily. We'll climb the volcano, sail on the Mediterranean sea and visit ancient and Baroque sites. We'll savor the local cuisine and taste magnificent wines.

Daily yoga includes all level practices weaving Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa Styles. Together, the courses are designed specifically to link the body with breath and reconnect all parts of yourself. You will learn simple breathing and meditation practices to cultivate presence, peacefulness for the mind, and to enliven the senses. You will meditate at the crater of a volcano to ignite the fire within.

You will learn to use yoga and meditation to deepen your experience of your senses, for an enriched encounter with art & wine.

Wine is incorporated daily into oenology lessons, wine-paired meals, and visits to artisanal vineyards on Mt Etna. You will learn from a Master Sommelier and Italian wine expert about the unique volcanic terroir of Mt Etna. We will have exclusive Sommelier-led experiences at Biondi and at other world-class vineyards not open to the general public for visits.

With our senses heightened, we will admire Sicilian art and archeology. We will visit ancient sites, including the Teatro Greco in Taormina, and admire the archeological remains in Siracusa as we learn about the history and influence of the Ancient Greeks on the island. We will see ornate Baroque art and architecture in Noto and Syracuse and a masterpiece by the renegade Baroque artist, Caravaggio.

This journey is hosted by three experts: Lauren Jimerson, an art historian, author, and licensed guide, Marisa Hallsted, a Sommelier, Yoga & Meditation Coach, and Maddy Jimerson, a Master Sommelier & Italian Wine Expert. In Sicily, we will guide you through an uplifting and enlightening journey that will ignite all the senses!

You're in good hands with an exceptional team of Experts!

Maddy Jimerson

Maddy Jimerson

Master Sommelier & Italian Wine Expert

Marisa Hallsted

Marisa Hallsted

Sommelier, Yoga, Meditation & Wellness Coach

Lauren Jimerson

Lauren Jimerson, PhD

Art Historian, Author & Licensed Guide

Maddy Jimerson is a Master Sommelier and wine director of Casa Tua Aspen. She holds a BA from Cornell University, where she studied Hotel Management and Italian. She has worked extensively in the wine industry – both on the floor as a sommelier and behind the scenes as an importer and distributor. She splits her time between Aspen, Colorado and Italy’s many wine regions. Maddy brings her passion and infectious enthusiasm to the world of Italian wine.

Luxurious Accommodation: Ramo d'Aria Villa & Spa