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Guénola du Halgouët 

Haute Couture: Unveiling the Mystique of French Fashion


a conversation with

Guénola du Halgouët 

Join us for an intimate conversation with strategy consultant in the French fashion industry, Guénola du Halgouët, live from Paris.

  • What makes Haute Couture so exclusive and unique?

  • What are the steps in constructing Haute Couture garments from start to finish ?

  • Why is Haute Couture a highly regarded and protected industry in France ?

  • What distinguishes Haute Couture from ready-to-wear ?

  • Which designers are considered Haute Couture?

  • Why is Paris at the nexus of today's fashion industry?

  • What happens at Paris fashion shows ?


We will discuss these topics  and more as we take an in-depth look into today's fashion industry. Guénola will unveil the mystery behind Haute Couture, centuries-old artisanal crafts which are still employed today, and demystify the nuances of the Paris fashion world.


Guénola du Halgouët is an experienced consulting specialist in the apparel and fashion industry. She has worked for numerous fashion houses including, Chanel, Hermès, Lacoste, Celine, and now runs her own strategic consulting agency in Paris.


When? Tuesday January 26th 

9-10:15 AM EST

Where? On Zoom - Connect from your home or office.


Space is limited to allow for maximum engagement and interaction.

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