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France with Friends

The Art Trip of a Lifetime!

Inspired by you and designed for you, this will be the art trip of a lifetime! We will explore the city of lights  together and uncover its artistic and cultural treasures. With private tours of the Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, the Pompidou and more, we will marvel at masterpieces, but we will also uncover hidden gems in smaller and less-frequented museums. In particular, we will have a personalized tour of the temporary exhibition, Pionnières  at the Musée du Luxembourg, spotlighting women artists of the roaring twenties. Beyond the museum, we will discover the history of Paris. Lodging at Hotel Artus, a sophisticated boutique hotel in Saint-Germain-des-Près, we will be in the picturesque heart of the city with easy access by foot and by metro to the Louvre, Notre Dame and other major sites. There will be time to relax and deepen our connection through discussion, merriment and laughter. Each day, we will discuss what we've seen together at an historic or trendy café, nourishing our hearts and deepening our bonds. After all, this trip is as much about friendship as it is about art! Not only a feast for our eyes and sisterhood for our souls, this voyage offers a veritable delight for our palates. We'll dine at the city's finest dining establishments, from Michelin star restaurants to hidden bistrots. We will not do as tourists do! Instead, we will do as the locals do and savor the best that Paris has to offer as we immerse ourselves in everyday Parisian life. 

This deluxe voyage is curated for an intimate group of women who wish to travel tastefully, while deepening their connection to art, culture and each other.

In addition to Paris, you have the option to travel like royals to the Loire Valley where we'll walk in the footsteps of the French queens in their castles. We'll escape the crowds and discover enchanted palaces, hidden histories and local traditions. We'll sleep like royals in a castle at the Château Hotel, Domaine de la Tortinière, and pamper ourselves at the spa and pool. This hotel has welcomed many famous guests over the years including Audrey Hepburn. We'll have private tours of magnificent chateaux, including  Chenonceau, Chambord and Chaumont-sur-Loire. And with wine and cheese tastings, we'll discover the Loire's unique terroir. We'll slow down and enjoy unique cuisine, wine and gastronomy as we relax in the stunning countryside and enjoy each other's company.

I can't wait to show you the finest art, food and wine

that France has to offer!