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Image by Karsten Würth

Milk of Dreams

Voyage to Discover Women Artists in Venice

Embark on an enriching and exciting cultural exploration with a focus on art and women in Venice! Immerse yourself in both the magnificence of the Renaissance—from the paintings of Titian and Veronese to stunning architecture of the Doge's Palace and the spectacular palazzi and bridges—and astonishing Contemporary Art at the Venice Biennale. This year, for the first time since its inception in 1895, the Biennale spotlights women artists! A unique and unrepeatable adventure, we will discover today's leading women artists at the Biennale, while simultaneously enjoying Venice's cultural riches and historic grandeur!

This Biennale focused on women artists is a rare and unique opportunity to see how contemporary artists address and bring attention to acute, global problems through various creative processes. By viewing and discussing art by women, we can come to understand different perspectives and approaches to today’s most pressing issues. We may also observe the changing dynamics of women's roles in society. I hope you will join me in Venice for a profound, enlightening and uplifting experience as we deepen our knowledge and celebrate women’s contributions to the history of art, both past and present.

"The Milk of Dreams," the theme of this Biennale, stems from a book by the Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington. In her book, Carrington describes a magical world where life is constantly re-envisioned through the prism of the imagination. It is a world where everyone can change, be transformed, become something or someone else. The Milk of Dreams theme takes Leonora Carrington’s otherworldly creatures, along with other figures of transformation, as companions on an imaginary journey through the metamorphoses of bodies and definitions of the human. We will discuss these ideas as we admire the magnificent art exhibitions during the peaceful and balmy month of October.

This intimate and unique trip is for art-loving women who wish to immerse themselves in Contemporary art, Venetian history and culture.

We will learn from local experts about the city's rich history, particularly the women of Venice's past, as we admire the wealth of art in the Accademia, Guggenheim, and in numerous churches and historical sites. We will wander through the wonderland of canals and take in the many architectural jewels around the city, studded with special, contemporary art installations for the Biennale. In addition to Venice, we will also visit the neighboring city of Padua to see the spectacular 15th century frescoes by Giotto, recently added to the UNESCO Heritage list. Groups will be limited in size to 6 people. Two trips will run—one fast paced and the other leisurely—so you can choose your own pace (the itinerary is the same for both trips).

Venetian wonders and artistic splendor await you on this seven-day, premium art journey through one of the most enigmatic and exquisite European cities!
Image by Avinash Kumar

Art, History, and Epicurean Delights!

Art from Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance to Cutting Edge:

Private Guided Tours of the following exhibits and museums led by Lauren & local experts:

Soaking in the splendid contemporary art displays at the Venice Biennale:

Giardini della Biennale (Biennale Gardens for the National pavilions)

Arsenale della Beinnale (Arsenal Exhibition Venue)

Live Art Performance at the Biennale: Matriarchy by Pauliina Feodoroff

Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Modern Art)

Gallerie dell'Accademia (Venice’s most important historical paintings)

St. Mark's Basilica and it's beautiful melange of art and architecture, from Byzantine to Gothic to Renaissance

And we'll discover spectacular artwork hidden in churches all over Venice

Private hands-on art class with a local artist, artisan or art restorer


 Venetian History, Palaces, and the lives of Women:

Private tour of the The Doge's Palace

Private tours of hidden palaces in Venice, including the Palazzo Loredan Vendramin, Ca' d'Oro and Palazzo Grassi

History walking tour of the Jewish District

Walking tour and exploration of the beautiful hidden gems

Boat tour down the grand canal and under the legendary bridges of Venice

Neighboring islands - Murano for beautiful glass, Burano for lace, and Torcello for its cathedral

Learn about the legendary women of Venice's past with local experts

Classical music concert in a stunning historic church

Food, Cocktails and Epicurean Delights:

Special Meal at a Gastronomic Restaurant in Venice

Cooking class where we'll discover the secrets of Italian Cuisine

Get a taste for local specialities at fresh food markets

Bellini on the terrace at the famous Danieli Hotel

Aperitivo each evening to discuss and savor our art discoveries

Gemme nascote e sorprese... (hidden gems and surprises...) 

Plus a Day in Stunning Padua!

Marvel at Giotto's masterpiece, the 14th century frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, UNESCO World Heritage site

Taste the most famous and delicious mint coffee in the world at the historic Pedrocchi Café

Orto Botanico, another UNESCO World Heritage site, the oldest academic botanical garden in the world

Palazzo della Ragione and its 14th century fresco cyles, UNESCO World Heritgate site

Prato della Valle, one of the grandest and most beautiful squares in Europe


This itinerary is subject to change

Optional Post-Tour Extension to Bologna, October 23-26

Home to the Renaissance woman artist, Lavinia Fontana and arguably the most delicious food in Italy

Discover the legendary women of Bologna's past with local experts

Taste the local cuisine in a hands-on a cooking class

Learn how Renaissance and Baroque paintings are restored directly from an art restorer

Explore the lavish porticoed walkways and squares, fine historic buildings, and a storied medieval center on walking tours 

For more information about the extension, contact Lauren