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Caravaggio:Fugitive in Southern Italy

Experience a cultural cornucopia of art, history, food and wine as we explore southern Italy through the eyes of a rebel artist. We will travel virtually, walking in the footsteps of Caravaggio through Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily. A violent temperament, Caravaggio murdered a man in a sword fight and spent the remaining years of his life on the run. As he fled from one place to the next, he left paintings in his path. With vivid and gritty realism and dramatic lighting effects, he transformed pious religious imagery into action-packed scenes resembling a smoky film noir. We will study his work closely along with the novel artistic techniques and approaches he forged. Together, we will savor Southern Italian culture as we discover how Caravaggio revolutionized Italian art! 


Mondays @ 1:00-2:30 est  

September 20 - October 18  

Wednesdays @ 9:00-10:30

September 22 - October 20

Saturdays @ 10:30-12:00 

September 25 - October 23

(*Please sign up for your previous group day and time if listed. If you’d like to switch, please let me know. If invited by a friend, sign up for their group time.)


On Zoom from your home or office. Sessions are led by Lauren Jimerson, PhD.

  • Webinars are sold in packs of 5.

  • Each webinar is limited in size to enable lively and engaging discussions.

  • Held on the same day and time each week, each session is 90 minutes. ​

  • All that's required is a curious mind. 

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