What people say...

Self-portrait at the Easel Painting a De

Sumi, California

Lauren, you bring all the intellectual fortitude and make art history completely understandable. With the joy you convey, the experience is accessible and enchanting for us. Your unique ability to bring these elements together makes this experience unique. 

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Beth, Virginia

Hearty thanks for these past four weeks of learning, observation, and sharing our perspectives. It really has been fantastic. Lauren, you are very skilled at creating an environment of excitement about art history and a place where we all look forward to going each week with you and each other.


Dusti, New Jersey

Thank you, Lauren, you did it again! This is so much more interesting than walking through a gallery and just looking at pictures. The themes we discuss are so thought-provoking.

Cassatt, young woman in a garden, Orsay.

Tina, Minnesota

Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed them. The connection and discussion with others has been fantastic!  This has been extremely memorable for me.

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Martha, Virginia

You make your presentations interesting, stimulating and you engage us to think critically about various subject matter.  Thank you for bringing beauty and knowledge into our life during these challenging times. 


Joan, California

This has been extremely inspirational to the point of making me want to cry.

The women have had such a hard time to represent themselves and it’s unfair.