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Self-portrait at the Easel Painting a De

Michel, Virginia

“Your courses have added great value to my life. Since we started a couple of years during the pandemic, I’ve noticed a difference now when I go to museums. Your courses have contributed to a richer, more wholesome experience. And in a day and age where people don’t want to tackle hard subjects, you offer a safe space to discuss and deal with them head on. Well done. I’ll never go into a museum by myself or with others and not have a different frame and not look at art from new angles.”

Emilie Charmy woman artist.JPG

Sumi, California

Lauren, you bring all the intellectual fortitude and make art history completely understandable. With the joy you convey, the experience is accessible and enchanting for us. Your unique ability to bring these elements together makes this experience unique. 


Lori, Virginia

I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful journey to France.  It was such a magical trip, and it had your personal touch in more ways than I can count!  I have had layovers in Paris for many years, but I never got an insider’s look like you gave us.  There was just too much to see and do…I didn’t want to leave.  It was the perfect trip after 2 long years of Covid lockdown!
I could tell you planned and worked so hard to make this trip as special as it could be for each of us.  I felt so lucky to be included, and under your guidance, I fell in love with Paris all over again.

Cassatt, young woman in a garden, Orsay.

Bruce Rutherford,
Colgate University

Thank you for a wonderful tour today, Lauren. You did a terrific job of engaging the students and helping them to understand what they were seeing, while also building their enthusiasm for appreciating art.  You're a talented teacher!

Sonia Delaunay Pompidou.png

Martha, Virginia

You make your presentations interesting, stimulating and you engage us to think critically about various subject matter.  Thank you for bringing beauty and knowledge into our life during these challenging times. 


Richard, Virginia

“Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed the class and your teaching style. Thank you. All this means you should be teaching art history at Harvard or Yale. You would be a terrific professor in my humble opinion…. Your discussion of the settings in which Caravaggio worked was excellent.”

Rosa Bonheur.jpg

David, New York

"Lauren clearly has tremendous in-depth knowledge... she also has a gift for sharing information in a professional, but friendly and easy-going manner that made it easy for me to follow what she was saying and to retain the information that she shared with me. All of this combined to make my tour an extremely interesting and enlightening experience"


Beth, Virginia

Hearty thanks for these past four weeks of learning, observation, and sharing our perspectives. It really has been fantastic. Lauren, you are very skilled at creating an environment of excitement about art history and a place where we all look forward to going each week with you and each other.

Morisot self portrait.webp

Dusti, New Jersey

Thank you, Lauren, you did it again! This is so much more interesting than walking through a gallery and just looking at pictures. The themes we discuss are so thought-provoking.


Tina, Minnesota

Thank you so much for your wonderful classes. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed them. The connection and discussion with others has been fantastic!  This has been extremely memorable for me.


Kamla, Virginia

I so appreciate your efforts in making this trip to Franca a reality. I have been looking forward to getting a chance to experience some what we have been covering up close and to have you with us for  scholarly input and  invaluable first hand experiences of living in Paris. My cup runneth over.....

I look forward to lots of fun being immersed in the French culture and enjoying the company of wonderful women......I just can't wait!


Joan, California

This has been extremely inspirational to the point of making me want to cry.

The women have had such a hard time to represent themselves and it’s unfair.


Pat, Virginia

Paris was perfect! I can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail in truly making our journey to France the trip of a lifetime. I loved every minute of it!  We had all traveled to Paris before, but you offered new experiences. You opened my eyes to new things. I look forward to more classes and adventures ahead. 


Audrey, Virginia

Thank you for this enlightening and riveting trip to France. Every day was filled with new things and unforgettable moments. I went to bed each night excited to wake up in the morning. You helped me to appreciate art in a new way.


Judy, Virginia

Having studied art history with you for two years, this newly gained knowledge made the trip to France even more meaningful. This was  clear to me when I recognized works of art in the Louvre that we had discussed together in class. I have gone from knowing very little about art to being  knowledgeable. You have brought out my creativity.

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