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Ladies of the Louvre

A virtual tour of the Louvre's

Royal Women & Women Artists 

Jean-Simon Berthélémy, man formed by Prometheus, on the ceiling of the apartments of Anne of Austria in the Louvre

Discover the women artists and royal women of the Louvre. A fun and engaging way to experience the largest museum in the world!

We'll explore royal women of the Louvre: 

  • Rubens cycle featuring Marie de Medici 

  • Depictions of Anne of Austria 


And we'll uncover women artists of the Louvre: 

  • Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun

  • Marie-Guillemine Benoist

  • Angelica Kauffmann

  • and more!


Expect to see some unexpected yet very important treasures - all the ladies except the Mona Lisa!

When? Thursday, April 29th 6:00-7:15 pm 

Where? On Zoom - Connect from your home or office.

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