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Virtual Art Seminar


Paris through the Window:

The Art of Marc Chagall

Discover the Work of Marc Chagall


The "Ecole de Paris" was a vibrant, international artistic community in Montparnasse. Artists began to settle in this Parisian neighborhood in the nineteenth century, drawn by the tranquility of its natural surroundings and open space. By the turn of the twentieth century, the artist population in Montparnasse surpassed that of Montmartre, becoming a nexus of modern art production and cultural exchange. We will explore this neighborhood to see where these bohemian circles once congregated, including the many cafés and “La Ruche” (the beehive), where Chagall lived before gaining prominence. We will then turn our attention to Chagall’s work. We will examine his paintings closely to discover the influence of his Russian Jewish roots and modern painting approaches he adopted in Paris. We will discuss the duality of his work – at once playful and profound - as we uncover its symbolism. We will learn about the remarkable story of how Chagall escaped France during WWII, and afterward, left his mark in great cities around the world,

from Washington DC to Paris.

Live From Paris!

This session is led by Lauren Jimerson, PhD. - an art historian and Paris tour guide originally from Darnestown, MD.

Monday, January 11th at 10 am ET



Suggested Reading: Gloria Goldreich's novel, The Bridal Chair. 

"Ida Chagall, the only daughter of Marc Chagall, is blossoming in the Paris art world beyond her father's controlling gaze. But her newfound independence is short-lived. In Nazi-occupied Paris, Chagall's status as a Jewish artist has made them all targets, yet his devotion to his art blinds him to their danger. When Ida falls in love and Chagall angrily paints an empty wedding chair (The Bridal Chair) in response, she faces an impossible choice: Does she fight to forge her own path outside her father's shadow, or abandon her ambitions to save Chagall from his enemies and himself? Brimming with historic personalities from Europe, America and Israel, The Bridal Chair is a stunning portrait of love, fortitude, and the sharp divide between art and real life."  In paperback and Kindle format:

Join us!

Monday January 11

10:00-11:30 AM

Tickets are 25 dollars per person 

With a $10 coupon toward any future five-part webinar series

No background in art necessary. All that's required is a curious mind. 

If you have any questions, 

please contact me!

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